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How it all began:
Africa Floorcare was established in 1996 when two young, bright eyed mid twenty year olds, Richard Lindes and Justin Lange, headed into the trade to start a journey filled with hope and promise. They loaded their then delivery vehicle, a VW Golf’s boot and interior with cleaning supplies and began to knock on doors.

Soon the need arose for an operational premises and a Venter trailer. Africa Floorcare’s first warehouse was opened in Cape Town, approximately 150m2 in size with a staff component consisting of one full time employee and a half day receptionist. Technology was non-existent, invoices were hand written and boxes manually packed and loaded into vehicles. Many a late night was spent with loved ones eating take away dinners while preparing for early morning deliveries.

As the business started to grow the need arose for expansion into other regions. An office was opened in Johannesburg followed by offices in Durban and Port Elizabeth. The demand for imported products increased, manual production lines were automated and warehousing capacity increased. This growth trend still continues as we expand throughout South Africa and into Africa.
Richard and Justin’s entrepreneurial spirit supported by sound ethics helped them develop many lasting customer relationships that have stood the test of time from their humble beginnings. Their “can do attitudes” and strong will to succeed in an extremely competitive market, has been the foundation of Africa Floorcare’s success.
Our winning philosophy is simple; provide value for money products, supported by value added services, delivered by passionate professional staff and give back to the community.


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